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Planning and building regulation services

Most simply, the idea of sustainability or environmental design is to make sure that our today’s actions and decisions do not inhibit the opportunities of tomorrow’s future generations. This means making sure that our efforts work with our Earth’s ecological systems rather than in opposition to them.

Home Design Services

Given that all human actions alter the systems we live in, the challenge of sustainability is a compound issue. It contains looking at how we reach the sources we use. Using them in a way to get the most from them, and eliminating the idea of ‘waste’ from our vocabulary. There is no method to know with certainty how complex ecological systems will react to our authority, but there is an incontestable responsibility to act with the best of our knowledge. Our Planning and building regulation services are tremendously working towards to achieve this goal too.

Buildings account for about one-third of the energy consumed in the United Kingdom. Of this one-third, heating use 70 %, even as lights and appliances use the added 30 percent. Manufacturing and transporting building materials require much additional energy. Planning addition is proud for its performance.

Some of the mainly important environmental issues impacted by the building process are:

  • Global Climate Change – the result of increased pollution in the upper atmosphere.
  • Declining sources of non-renewable fuels – and increased damage from their extraction and use.
  • Habitat Destruction & Loss of Bio-Diversity – conversion of wild lands to human developments combined with resource extraction.
  • Toxic Pollution – the over-reliance on synthetic chemicals has many consequences that have complex interactions once released.

Planning Additions is committed to the development of projects that minimize their impact on the natural environment. As part of that attempt, we remain up to speed with the most effective strategies and technologies to produce more sustainable designs. And we work with owners to equilibrium these opportunities with the myriad other factors that impact a building project.